Fear of thunder is a common phobia in dogs. Dogs show stressed or anxious behaviour in lots of different ways. Common signs that are indicative of stress include:

  • Unable to settle and pacing the room.
  • Shaking, salivating and excessive panting.
  • Destructiveness, howling or even toileting indoors.
  • Cowering, hiding or trying to run away.
scared dog Bedford on the windowsill

Tips to prepare:

  • Always keep your dog indoors and leave the tv or radio on to help muffle sounds.
  • Close curtains to black out flash from any lightening.
  • Create a safe place or den for your dog to retreat to if they choose.
  • Speak to one of our team about calming supplements or anti-anxiety medications.
  • In some cases, a consultation with an animal behaviourist can be helpful.
  • Talk to your dog in a jolly manner to try and reassure them that all is well.
  • Should your pet become destructive or toilet in the house do not reprimand them, this will make your dog more stressed.
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped and your contact details are up to date (this is a legal requirement), to allow safe return, in case of escape.

Please contact us below if you require any further advice on this subject

Rabbit Awareness Week in June

Rabbits are now the third most popular pet in the UK and we have a real soft spot for them here at Scott Vets

*We Achieve Gold Status*

We are delighted to announce that Scott Veterinary Clinic has been awarded The Gold Standard accreditation by the Rabbit Welfare Fund & Association (RWAF)