The search is on for vets and veterinary nurses to participate in an “access all areas” documentary charting daily life in practice.

True North, the production company behind shows such as CBBC’s Junior Vets and Junior vets On Call, and BBC One’s Animal SOS and Animal 24/7, is set to create a new children’s show and is on the lookout for individual vets and practice teams to feature in it.

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Our dog has epilepsy so needs constant treatment. He also gets himself into trouble quite often! We have called the emergency out of hours line at Scotts on numerous occasions, even in the middle of the night and not only have they always answered promptly giving good advice, they have also come out to us quickly when this has been needed and the treatment our dog receives is spot on!!!

We see numerous vets at Scotts and they are all amazing. Leaving our dog with them when this is required is heartbreaking but we are always reassured by the knowledge that he is in the best hands.

Thanks to all the staff at Scotts! We really appreciate you all.


Cameras to roll in 2017

The as-yet-unnamed observational documentary series will give viewers a greater insight into the work carried out at companion animal clinics across the country on a daily basis.

Participants will be filmed doing their daily tasks, with cameras set to roll in early 2017.

The show’s target audience will be 6 to 12-year-olds, so participating practices will ideally be family friendly and used to dealing with children, the production company explained.

All aspects of practice life

Segments of the documentary will depict children accompanying their parents to the vets with their family pets and the ensuing consultation. In doing so, the producers hope to capture all aspects of life in practice – stories both happy and sad.

Each episode will focus on a selection of practices across the UK with their respective stories set to unfold across the series.

Charismatic and compassionate

Story producer Hayley Raper said: “We are looking for charismatic and compassionate vets to film with.

“We are looking for vets who can become role models, who want to inspire the younger generation to enter the profession and who can explain things in a clear and concise way.

“Some young people are already dreaming about becoming a vet and we want people to show them dreams can come true, and that it is a fun and rewarding industry to work in.”

To put forward your favourite vet, contact Hayley Raper as soon as possible by e-mailing or by telephoning 0113 3845 489.

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