Ticks can carry a range of nasty diseases, including Babesia (new to the UK) and Lyme Disease (which they can transmit to humans too).

However, after they bite your pet, it takes 24-48 hours to attach themselves securely, and the risk of disease transmission in this phase is low. It’s only after this time that they start backwashing into your animal, spreading the bugs.

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To prevent it, use a product that kills them fast before they can start dribbling into your pet’s bloodstream!

How can my dog contract Babesiosis from ticks?

The main way Babesiosis is transmitted to dogs is through tick bites. When an infected tick attaches and starts to feed on a dogs blood a transfer of the parasite occurs. This usually takes place 24 – 48 hours after the tick has attached.

Until recently species of tick found in the UK were very unlikely to carry Babesia, however, with the increase in animal movements throughout Europe the risks of European species of ticks (which carry the disease) entering the UK have increased.

How can it be prevented?

Prevention is based on the regular use of anti-tick products. There are various products on the market and different products will be suitable for different dogs.

Dogs should be checked regularly for ticks, especially after walks. If you see a tick on your dog it should ONLY be removed using a special tick hook.

Our nurses are available to remove any ticks if required. If you do remove a tick on your pet please bring the tick into our surgery so that we can send it away for analysis to identify the type of tick.

At the present time there have only been an isolated number of cases of Babesia in dogs who have all been exercised in the same area in Essex.

If you require any advice on the types of products to use please contact our surgery and speak to one of our team.

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