A kind member of public brought a stray cat to us that they had seen hanging around a restaurant in Bedford.

When stray cats are brought into us we first give them a head to toe examination and then we scan them to see if they are microchipped.

Apart from being slightly underweight the stray cat was in fairly good condition and fortunately he was microchipped! This meant we had a chance of finding his owners and re-uniting him!

We entered his chip number in the Petlog database and it told us his name was Murphy and it gave us his owners contact details!

Amazingly Murphy had been missing for five and a half months, so you can imagine his owners delight in hearing that he had been found safe and well.

It was an amazing experience reuniting Murphy with his owners and as you can see from his photo’s he’s settling in really well back at home!

Cat Murphy at Scott Vets
Cat Murphy at Scott Vets

Murphy’s story is a perfect example of how valuable Microchipping is. If your pets ever go missing it gives us a quick and easy way of reuniting you, no matter where or when they might show up.

It is also very important to make sure you update your microchip details. If you ever move house or change your contact details you need to update Petlog, otherwise reuniting you with your pets is a lot harder.

We microchip all animals and it only costs £15, give us a call now on 01234 261622 to arrange getting your pet chipped!

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