Has your pet ever received a blood transfusion?

This is Dave’s story…

‘Dave’ came into our Bedford branch a few weeks ago after passing black faeces. He was on pain relief for arthritis. He was very quiet and poorly on arrival. We were concerned he was showing signs of gastric ulceration and bleeding, potentially related to his current medication.

He was admitted to the hospital and given medication to treat the ulceration. He underwent imaging of his chest and abdomen (tummy) to look for causes of the bleeding.

He was anaemic (21%) (low red blood cells) due to the bleed in his stomach and intestines. We can swiftly measure this at our on site laboratory by analysing a small blood sample. The normal value for a dog is 37-55%.

His red blood cell level became very low (8%) and it was decided he needed a blood transfusion.

Dog Dave in garden Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford
Dog Alfie Blood donor Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford

A donor dog kindly donated blood to Dave and he was closely monitored by our nursing team throughout his transfusion. In the days to come he became increasingly bright and more energetic and his level of red cells increased (20%). He was discharged from hospital 3 days after he arrived.

At a further recheck appointment a week later he continued to thrive and his level of red cells were 36%. He is now back to his normal happy self.

Pictured is handsome Dave putting his feet up and the lovely donor dog ‘Alfie’

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