Does your dog have a fear of fireworks?

If you are wondering whether your dog is having trouble coping with loud noises, check this list of symptoms below:

Trembling and shaking
Clinging to owners
Barking excessively
Trying to run away
Soiling the house
Pacing and panting
Refusing to eat
Cowering and hiding behind furniture

Top 10 firework tips

How to keep  your pets happy during the firework season:

  • Provide a den or hiding place for your pet whilst fireworks are going off.
  • Use a pheromone diffuser as close to the den or hiding place as possible or where your pet spends most of its time.
  • Ignore fearful  behaviour,  dog   may   pick   up  on their owners’ anxiety making the problem worse.
  • Walk your  dog  early   in   the  evening  before fireworks start.
  • Ensure windows, doors and cat flaps remain closed during the firework season to both prevent pets escaping and reduce the noise.
  • Ensure your cats have access to enough litter trays during firework season especially if you’re  keeping them inside
  • Provide distractions, in the form of new toys  and draw curtains and put the TV or radio  on  to mask any noises.
  • Do not fuss over your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed.
  • Try not  to  leave  your  pets  alone  when  fireworks are going off
  • Continue using pheromone  diffusers  after the firework season has finished.
  • The best way to prepare for fireworks is to think like a dog.

    They feel scared as they are alarmed by the loud noises of the fireworks but do not understand that fireworks cannot harm them and feel safer when they have a hiding space.

    scared dog hiding under blanket

    There are a number of products available that are designed to help reduce the stress of fireworks for your dog, one in particular is ADAPTIL.

    Plug in an ADAPTIL Diffuser close to your dog’s den or fit an ADAPTIL Collar on your dog. ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the dog appeasing pheromone proven to help dogs cope with fireworks.

    ADAPTIL products are available in our clinics, or for more advice call us on 01234 261622

    Adaptil advice

    You can make your dog a ‘den’ for them to feel safe in Marc Abraham gives advice on how to build the perfect dog den for fireworks

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