The warmer months are peak season for pesky parasites and two of the most annoying are fleas and ticks!

Fleas are 2-3mm in length and can be seen without magnification. These tiny wingless insects survive by feeding on your pet’s blood, causing very intense irritation and sometimes allergic skin disease.

scratching cat

Fleas also play a major role in transmitting tapeworms in dogs and cats.

Ticks tend to be a problem in the warmer months and commonly live in areas of heathland, moorland and woodland, waiting to attach themselves to passing animals.

Ticks feed on your pet’s blood and can cause problems in two ways- they can cause a tissue reaction at their site of attachment and secondly they can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Babesiosis.

Don’t let fleas and ticks make your life a misery- please let us advise on the best form of flea and tick control for your pet.

I think the service is fantastic as are all the staff I have met – Millie gets so excited when she comes in which shows how well she is always treated.

F Webb, owner of Milly (February 2017)

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