Although summer is over, bees and wasps are still a risk to our pets!

On Sunday morning, Kylo had been in the garden and came back in with a swollen lip. In the space of 20 minutes, his lips, cheeks, nose and front leg had all swollen up quite rapidly.

Fortunately Kylo’s mum Amy (who is also one of our nurses) recognised this as an insect sting and brought him straight in due to the swelling around his nose and face.

After an injection of steroids and an antihistamine tablet, Kylo was already feeling better and not even 24 hours later, he is completely back to normal (as you can see in the pictures) ☺

Insect stings around the facial area put your pet at risk from their airways getting blocked, which could result in difficulty breathing.

If you notice any similar symptoms in your pet, contact us immediately on 01234 261622

cat  Scott Vets in Bedford
cat with swollen nose Scott Vets in Bedford

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