Hydrotherapy sessions available Monday-Saturday

Pet Hydrotherapy, Bedfordshire

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise carried out in warm water, giving increased circulation to muscles, increased joint flexibility and reduced joint pain.

Hydrotherapy in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury.

After surgery careful use of hydrotherapy can help with rehabilitation and increase the chance of a successful return to full fitness. Hydrotherapy can also significantly improve mobility for arthritic patients.

Hydrotherapy has specific effects on body tissue:

  • Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Muscle strengthening and maintenance
  • Alleviating muscle spasm
  • Increase range of motion of joints
  • Improved circulation
  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)
  • Increased tissue healing
  • Increased speed of recovery

Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Cruciate ligament injuries
  • Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy (CDRM)
  • Total Hip replacements (THR)
  • Spinal injuries
  • Fractures, soft tissue and tendon injuries
  • Obesity
  • Cardio fitness for general wellbeing or for sports such as agility, flyball, racing, showing etc.

About SVC Hydrotherapy….

Hydrotherapy has been a facility at Scott Veterinary Clinic since October 2010 and is proving to be beneficial for a range of conditions in the canine patient.

The hydrotherapy suite is run by our own Registered Veterinary Nurse Catherine Bennett. She runs a team of 6 RVN Hydrotherapists, who have gained hydrotherapy qualifications from the renowned Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre in Warwickshire.

The Hydrotherapy suite is maintained to an excellent standard, with the heated water (30degrees) tested 3 times daily for the correct Bromine content and PH level, providing the best environment for the patient.

happy dog having blowdry and looking at nurse


Hydrophysio Aquatic Treadmill

Hydrophysio allows specialist Hydrotherapy treatment, conditioning and training in a convenient professional environment. The design combines exercising in water with a hygienic treadmill.

The benefits of an aquatic treadmill are:

  • High visibility design offers viewing from every angle making it easy to monitor patient’s progress and limb movement.
  • The ability to adapt the water level promotes proper resistance for specific joints and muscle groups.
  • Unique non slip ‘walk through’ design removes the need for the patient to panic on entrance or exit.
  • Buoyancy reduces relative bodyweight of the patient minimising concussive forces on the limbs and joints.
  • Adjustable water temperature helpful for rehabilitation, relaxation and pain management.
  • The treadmill mimics the dog’s natural walking action promoting better proprioception reflexes and encourages the patient to use their limbs correctly.

A session in the Hydrotherapy suite involves:

  • A general health examination prior to starting the session.
  • A hydrotherapy session. The time, water level and speed of the treadmill will be tailor made to the patient and condition. Sessions last approximately half an hour (includes shower and drying).
  • Shower and drying facilities.

Hydrotherapy session costs:

Grade 1 (fitness and maintenance) £25.25

Grade 2 (general rehabilitation to include arthritis management, hip & elbow dysplasia, post-surgical rehabilitation) £37.65

Grade 3 (advanced rehabilitation mainly spinal conditions) £55.90

Questions and Answers

Can I stay with my dog during the hydrotherapy session?
Yes of course. Your dog will really benefit from you being there, for moral support and to help them relax.

Does my dog need to be referred by a vet?

Can I bring my dog for hydrotherapy if it is not registered with Scott Veterinary Clinic?
Yes, you are very welcome to. Please contact us first so a referral can be arranged from your Veterinary surgeon. Alternatively please download our vet referral form for your vet to fill in and send to us.

Do I need to bring towels?       
We have lots of towels with shower and drying facilities, but you may just want to bring a towel along for your car after.

Will my pet insurance cover hydrotherapy?
Most insurance companies will now cover hydrotherapy by a recognised centre registered with the CHA. We are registered with the CHA. Please however look at your policy details or call your insurance provider first.

Can I feed my dog prior to the session?
It is best if your dog has not been fed for at least 2 hours before the session.

What if my dog is nervous of water?
Don’t worry. We will take all the time it needs to get your dog happy with its surroundings. The treadmill is very good for dogs that dislike water as we can introduce the water very slowly. Treats and toys are readily provided! Most dogs that dislike water do tend to cope with the treadmill very well.

What chemicals are used in the water and will it affect my dog’s skin?
We use Bromine as our sanitiser in the water which is tested three times a day and perfectly safe for your dog. If your dog has any major skin conditions please inform us beforehand.