Diagnosing and treating heart disease is just as important in our pets as it is in people. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve and prolong your pets’ life.

You and your pet need good habits to stay healthy. Here are some recommendations that will help you keep your pet healthy and in shape:

Good Diet: A healthy diet is good for your pet’s heart just as it is good for our own hearts. Your pets diet needs to be well-balanced and made up of high-quality ingredients. Talk to one of our vets or nurses about the diet you are feeding. We can help you choose the right pet food and recommend how much and how often you should feed your pet.

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Exercise: Regular exercise will keep you and your pet in great shape. Your pets exercise requirements will differ according to size, breed, age, and health. Talk to one of our team about your pets exercise requirements.

Check-ups: Take your pet to the vet at least once a year for an annual check-up. (Remember, once yearly for your dog is about once every 5–7 in “people years.”) While you’re there, take the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and get some advice on how to keep your pets heart healthy.

How is a heart problem diagnosed?
Vet Examination: A physical examination will provide your vet with clues as to whether your pet has any heart-related problems.
He/she will evaluate:
• Weight and body condition
• Breathing rates
• Heart rates
• Pulse rates
• Skin or tissue abnormalities
• Abdominal shape

Listening to your pet’s heart and lungs: A stethoscope may allow your vet to determine if a heart murmur is present. (Appreciate that not all murmurs are easily heard.) Also, the heart rate and rhythm can be assessed with a stethoscope to determine if there is an irregular heartbeat. He/she can listen to the lungs to detect abnormal sounds.
Your vet will provide recommendations, based on their findings, on how we can further investigate, if it is necessary.

Our Senior Clinical Director, Tally Clift, is an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Cardiology.

If you have concerns about your pets heart health, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our vets

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