We’ve been providing care and holiday accommodation for your amazing dogs and cats for the past 40 years. It’s now time for us to move on to pastures new. It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve taken the decision to close Daisy Bank Kennels & Cattery from 12th November 2017.

Rachel and Stacey will continue with the grooming side of our business and details will be provided at your next grooming appointment.

I wish to thank my staff for their support and dedication to the welfare of our boarding cats and dogs, also for their grooming skills of the very highest standard.

A big thank you must go to Scott Veterinary Clinic -particularly Tally Clift and of course Alex Scott, Brian Cox and Martin Hosegood, who have been responsible for the clinical care of our much loved canine and feline guests over the years.

Finally, the greatest thank you goes to the late Michael Peacock who encouraged me to open a Boarding Kennel and Cattery and for his support from the start. I owe him so much.

It’s been an absolute pleasure looking after all our wonderful clients and their furry families for so many years and we shall genuinely miss you all.

Pam Gee, Proprietor

Daisy Bank Kennels, Cattery & Grooming Centre

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Scott Veterinary Clinic Ltd

We Welcome New Clients To Our Clinic

Scott Veterinary Clinic Ltd

We Welcome New Clients To Our Clinic