There has been a confirmed case of RHD2 in Bedford.

RHD2 is a variant of RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease). RHD2 is not part of the routine vaccination programme for rabbits. We therefore recommend vaccinating against RHD2 in addition to your routine Myxomatosis and RHD vaccinations.


Scott Veterinary Clinic stocks the RHD2 vaccine. In general we recommend that your rabbit is vaccinated once a year against the deadly RHD2 however, should your rabbit be at high risk we recommend vaccinating against RHD2 twice a year.

Examples of a High Risk Rabbit:

* An outdoor housed rabbit kept in relative close proximity to wild rabbits
* A show rabbit
* A boarding rabbit

Symptoms are not necessarily the same as with RHD1, in fact you may see few or no symptoms at all. Please contact us on 01234 261622 for advice should you have any concerns about the health of your rabbit.

For more details about the RHD2 vaccine please visit

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